day-time dining

Downtown Charleston has dozens and dozens of fine restaurants to chose from, and it's easy to pick a different exceptional place each night of the week. Lunch time is a little different, considering most people are ready to eat and don't want to linger by the bar waiting for a table. I recommend Blossom Restaurant on East Bay Street as a great midday break. It's located in the historic French Quarter, and within a few blocks of many of the Charleston's most historic sites; there's free parking right next door in a spacious lot; and the menu is good blend of sandwiches, and medium-sized entrees for filling up without wanting to take a nap. I really like the cozy, stylish feel of the dining room, and there's outdoor seating in a courtyard as well. During tourist season, which is really from February through October, you might want to call about an hour ahead to reserve a table at 722-9200.  

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