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  1. You can’t beat Charleston any time of year, but May is really special with flowers and festivals galore. Spoleto USA has become another great arts tradition with outstanding international performers in music, theater,fine arts, dance, and much more. You don’t need tickets to enjoy some of the on-site art works and street performances at places such as Washington Square, which happens to be the spot where I start my walking tours.

    Fortunately, the yellow crowned night herons that bombarded everybody from the oak trees back in 1990 have long since migrated to other festivals, where they’ll be equally appreciated. It’s interesting to think that the square’s magnificent trees are little more than a century old, and were not there in 1886, when the park became a "tent city" during the big Charleston earthquake, and was considered safe because it was so open.

    Please feel free to blog comments or question about the city, and I’ll be glad to respond.

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